Manufacturer in the fastener industry

Starborn Industries is a leading manufacturer in the fastener industry, specializing in innovative solutions for decking and construction. They’re committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use products for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. Starborn’s range of fasteners is designed to ensure strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in various materials and environments.


  • Deck Fasteners: Including a variety of screws and nails designed for different decking materials, ensuring strong and reliable installation.
  • Specialty Fasteners: Products tailored for specific applications, such as hidden fasteners and color-matched options, providing seamless and aesthetically pleasing finishes.
  • Tools and Accessories: A range of tools and accessories designed to optimize the use of Starborn’s fasteners, including predrilling and countersinking tools, ensuring ease of installation and professional results.

Why Choose Starborn?

Starborn Industries emphasizes its dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Starborn’s commitment to excellence is further highlighted by its ongoing efforts to develop new and improved products, staying at the forefront of fastener technology.

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