TruExterior Siding & Trim offers a unique blend of durability and aesthetic appeal for various exterior applications. These products stand out for dimensional stability, which minimizes expansion and contraction, and resistance to water, making them suitable for ground or masonry contact. TruExterior products are designed to give builders and homeowners the freedom to create beautiful, lasting exteriors with confidence.


TruExterior’s product range includes several innovative siding and trim options:

  • Siding Profiles: Including Shiplap, Channel Bevel, Nickel Gap, and more, these profiles offer a range of aesthetic choices with the benefits of modern material technology.
  • Trim Options: Available in various sizes and finishes, suitable for non-load-bearing applications, and ideal for moisture-prone areas.
  • Accessories: Including skirt boards and window pocket rabbeted trim, these accessories complement the main siding and trim products and can be used in various applications for a polished finish.

Why Choose TruExterior?

TruExterior products are marked by phenomenal performance and remarkable workability, eliminating the need for special installation techniques. Its products come pre-primed and can be painted with any high-grade exterior paint. TruExterior offers a 20-year limited warranty, reflecting consumer confidence in the products’ durability. TruExterior also emphasizes a strong commitment to sustainability, with products containing a minimum of 70% recycled content.

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