Waska specializes in producing high-quality cedar products and by-products, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. They are recognized for their comprehensive range of cedar shingles, laths, fence boards, and moulded pickets, catering to various construction and industrial needs.


Cedar Shingles:

  • Extra Grade A (Blue Label): These shingles have no imperfections, ensuring premium quality.
  • Clear Grade B (Red Label): Quality shingles with no imperfections up to the clear line.
  • Second Clear Grade C (Black Label): Features sound knots on exposed sides.
  • Clear White (Brown Label): Sapwood shingles with no imperfections up to the clear line.
  • Utility Grade D (Green Label): Multipurpose shingles, versatile for various applications.

Why Choose Waska?

Waska’s diverse product range, including Cedar shingles, wood laths, fence boards, and various by-products, reflects their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Each product category, from the highest grade of shingles to practical by-products like wood chips and sawdust, is designed to meet specific needs while upholding sustainability practices. This approach demonstrates Waska’s dedication to delivering high-quality, environmentally conscious products for various industrial and construction needs.

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